Sunday, June 28, 2009

Studio On Fire

This poster is from studio on fire
Thanks Ben for this site link

Little Giant Girl


Sun drawing  and calendar by Yoshie Watanabe 

Cha Cha.......

Retail Therapy this tee by rinzen

I LOVE THIS!!!! Bunny dish rack from Dutch by Design

Oh so pretty, TOKYOMILK has just added beautifully packaged soaps to their range. 
and thankfully Store has become a stockist! 

Store also stock Natalie Lete. She is a french artist and produces these amazing floor rugs.CornerStore stocks limited styles. I am desperate to do an interior from scratch very soon and I hope it will include one of these!...

I think I just feel like sharing some fashion stuff at the moment. It's cost effective retail therapy. I was given a purse for my birthday from a danish company becksondergaard and it's called 'granny'. There ain't nothin' granny 'bout this eel skin purse! It even has another mini clasped section inside :)

Rittenhouse is my favourite Australian Label and these beautiful shoes are on my wish list!  TEFAN LIE & TOKUYAMA FOR RITTENHOUSE “PLIÉ SHOE”: Black origami inspired ballet style sandal designed by Stefan Lie in conjuction with Tokuyama. Beautifully hand made in Japan with soft leather. Go on, you know you love online shopping.........x

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Carine, Sarah and Frankie Magazine

My sister is a great source of inspiration, however sometimes I just wish I was a fly on the wall.
She has been photographing for Frankie Mag here and there and got to hang out at Sarah Blasko's house....I have a big soft spot for Sarah and would love to meet her one day.... In the meantime Frankie will have to suffice and Carine's blog will keep us up to date!

Morning Inspiration

Things happen while waiting for your morning coffee and today these sweet little postcards happened to me in the cafe down the street. They are advertising a wealth of eco information through West Australian website
These drawings were enough for me to go back to the studio and have a snoop around the site and take notes!

Feel Good

Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life
drink your warm tea or coffee and relax ahhhhhh....

Story book style

....and I am not sure where I found this invite on the web but, how gorgeous.......
I thought I should share, I will find out who illustrated this and let you know!

Birthday Bliss

ok back on board lovelies.... we decorated for my birthday in May! My cake was from Rochelle Adonis courtesy of some special friends x