Friday, July 31, 2009

Tapestry in Milan

 I really admire the ability in creative people to make something ordinary, very extraordinary!
I am not saying that tapestry is in anyway ordinary but, this chair is a revelation and who knew souvenir spoons could look so glamourous? Suzie Stanford - that's who! She is an australian artist and her chair shown above was included for exhibition in the Milan Furniture Fair 2009. Australian furniture investor's take note!

My work.....

Well, things have been quite busy and I have been working from home on this! Coming soon to browser near you........ Store and CornerStore website yay!!!! There will be a new blog to follow featuring products from these magical shops and the creative, fashionable, curious and inspiring musings of their owners (maybe even a post or two from me!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Dreams........

Chin chin!

Well, I am still here pressing on and making a late night vanilla cake and drinking pink moscato. This tasty, sweet, light and bubbly drink betrays my cosy living room, heater on and rain pouring outside..... It's pretty and my low alcoholic pick me up for when I need that 30 minute "holiday"... The Innocent Bystander Pink Muscato is the only one for me and also has a very beautiful label x

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From little things...xxxxxxxx

Viva Italiano! Check out Bombo's (aka Maurizio Santucci) illustration work here at Bomboland and to purchase some of these mighty cute Love Letters go to his esty shop. Big love, little letter!

Small works by Amy Powers.
"Swan Song" by Katie Runnels.


...... some very quick tee prints I did for West Surfing 2008-09 Collections...

Something to go with your TV dinner

Cardboard Love

This is a thankyou to my lovely readers x
I borrowed it from Cardboard Love especially for you and although it was originally for someone else, sometimes I can't put my appreciation into words like these.......

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Whoever said you have to study fashion to be a fashion designer? This is just a taste:) Please go to for more equations!!!!!

Where will we live and how we will get there!

Child like

It has already passed but I wish I had been in Paris for the children's trade fair - Playtime!
I think I would have had loads of fun and this promo work is very nice indeed. 

The Small Stakes

Behold the artwork of Jason Munn - if only my thoughts were so clear........

Morning Music x

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Sarah Blasko: We Won't Run (for Shoot The Player) from on Vimeo.

meat the sunday project

Please check out Alex's blog - the sunday project - for a chuckle this morning and to perhaps permanently acquire some of her special brand of wit and creativity Alex, how did I miss these? Fabuloso xxxxxxxx

Find A Space in......Melbourne

Well, it's difficult to find a studio or creative work space in Perth let alone one you love and can afford. Bravo Victoria!!!!!! For any of you planning on setting up in Melbourne or anywhere around Victoria check out this new joint venture, Creative Spaces. The website design is beautiful and you may find the studio or gallery space of your dreams...............

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Slow Club

I am listening to lots of Slow Club at the moment...
Today I put $7 into the parking meter and it ate my money and gave no ticket,
then I used my credit card and still no ticket love..... so standing in the rain I called Joe and
was pretty grumpy but, I thought you might like this as a peace offering Joe for taking me on rain, hail or shine...! This is sweet and gentle and a little handmade response to Apples and Pears - Slow Club

Dancing into a flower x

Is it Summer yet?????


One of my drawings in the SEMIPERMANENT Book 2009......


Holy Moly!

Love, love, love! Carrie and Adam got hitched on my birthday, I don't know them however, I am very impressed with their wedding photos, concept and website!! Yes, website! Brilliant! ok back to work now..............


How I came to be a designer is very much due to the constant exposure to talented and independent folk in Fremantle. While I couldn't decide what I wanted to do or be etc, I was living the boutique shop girl and coffee maker dream...... I met some amazingly lovely creative inspiring hardworking souls and one whom I have kept track of is Zoe Keogh. She is now somewhere in Berlin? with her husband and daughter dreaming up illustrative adventures for Ynki - I will do a mini interview post soon to share what she is up to!  

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah Blasko and Celeste Potter

I know I am posting a few clips, but please have a look and a listen 
and enjoy this combination of talented australian artists.
Sarah Blasko posted it on her blog.

Perpetual motion

CHalk is such fun....

Firekites - AUTUMN STORY - chalk animation from Lucinda Schreiber on Vimeo.

Pick me up, up, up.........!

I really needed a bit of fun today as the dreary winter weather kicks on....Alas, I have so much work on I can barely stop to post. I decided I would just add a few happy photos to brighten the day and spark up my hopes and dreams - What more can I say! The beetle, the fairy floss, the braces............ and I love this table number idea. Check out OnceWed for some beautiful wedding inspiration.

I am fairly obsessed with all things swedish at the moment, and am looking forward to going to Stockholm in the (hopefully) not too distant future.... While perusing properties I would like to buy there if I relocated I stumbled upon this little gem of an idea - I am not sure what this little potbelly type structure is made from however I will find a way to include something similar in my life!

........ and found this lovely photo from studio choo.
As well as loving the concept of this duos business and sweet website I really love the free feeling of their florals - I love big, colourful, loose  bunches of flowers and cows x