Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lux and Love Voodoo

Finally, for today I offer you Lux and Love!!!!!!! Lux made some amazing cufflinks for mutual friends and a very special piece for their wedding gift, which you may have to ask her about..
She is based in the UK but, thanks to ETSY you don't have to miss out on her beautiful handmade creations! Gypsy, voodoo style jewelry to captivate and allure....
From the mouth of Lux herself ... "the inspiration for my jewellery comes from many places... from the chest in my grandmother’s attic, mixed with those velvet smoky late night boudoirs & high society dancing girls of the 1920’s... to bring this look to you I've used vintage finds, pendants pearls & semi-precious beads brought from far away, and mixed them with my own creations - charms made only from reclaimed metals and objects with mysterious histories.
Just for that final touch I've sprinkled them with voodoo and a kiss........................x"

Spare dollars?

Recently, I had the pleasure of designing print material for an interesting funding project. For anyone looking to spend their 'stimulus' money in a creative and meaningful way, plus recieve acknowledgement of your generosity, head to Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in Fremantle. This little entertainment gem has been undergoing renovations to improve the audience experience and open through the summer months. The theatre does require some extra help with replacing it's seating and this is where we come in! You can donate any amount but, if an individual donates $500 dollars you will have a plaque thanking you for your donation placed on the back of a theatre seat. This is your chance to be a real live benefactor!!!!! Please contact Emma Brain if you are interested. Emma also has an online shop I will feature in the future....stay tuned!

No lack of character.....

I share a studio with designer, art director and illustrator Andrew Allingham.
Great characiture work is skillfully very impressive but, it is so rare that I actually like the images. Andrew recently illustrated Lily Allen for Box Magazine and I fell in love! Here she is! 
To see more of Andrew's work check out Rollingstone, Box Magazine or Purple Design...

Thursday, April 9, 2009


some of my work for Foodchain..... or check it on Facebook under organizations for recent posts!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Canyons and Carine

Check out Canyons!!!! Leo and Ryan are from my little home town and have made the move to the big smoke to produce and be a Hole In The Sky. Check the link,  the website is super sweet and beautifully illustrated. I am not sure who by but, I will find out. My sister Carine Thévenau was also lost to the Sydney calling. 
Carine you were already amazing  - really loving your work!  
Images to stir your reality - music to do most things to.....work, play, dance, love... 

Julie Morstad

I also implore you to look at this beautiful website by the talented illustrator Julie Morstad 
 - I am warming up to post my own work......

Butterfly Wings

Hmmm..... I have had a productive day at work and am now squeezing in a bit of blog time!
I love the creative well that bloggers create for me to delve into for inspiration so, I dearly hope I can put a little back in. My major love affair at the moment is with an old brooch of my mother's, housing an iridescent blue butterfly wing. Recently, on a trip to Melbourne, I scored this deluxe find at Chapel Street Bazzar in Prahran!

Thursday, April 2, 2009