Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lux and Love Voodoo

Finally, for today I offer you Lux and Love!!!!!!! Lux made some amazing cufflinks for mutual friends and a very special piece for their wedding gift, which you may have to ask her about..
She is based in the UK but, thanks to ETSY you don't have to miss out on her beautiful handmade creations! Gypsy, voodoo style jewelry to captivate and allure....
From the mouth of Lux herself ... "the inspiration for my jewellery comes from many places... from the chest in my grandmother’s attic, mixed with those velvet smoky late night boudoirs & high society dancing girls of the 1920’s... to bring this look to you I've used vintage finds, pendants pearls & semi-precious beads brought from far away, and mixed them with my own creations - charms made only from reclaimed metals and objects with mysterious histories.
Just for that final touch I've sprinkled them with voodoo and a kiss........................x"


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