Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't forget Earth Hour .....

....or this might happen

Tomorrow night power off - Earth Hour: Saturday 26 March 8:30pm - get your candles ready and make sure dinner was prepared earlier then enjoy an evening of good food, good friends and soft light x

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spread the LOVE

Why do I continue to only drive a Peugeot and miss my red 306?
Why do I buy Bensimon sneakers again and again?
Why do I only buy Apple for my work tools or go by their recommendations?
Why do I LOVE having a Kitchen Aid mixer even though I only make crepes with it?

The answers all lie in LOVEMARKS: The Future Beyond Brands 
and the follow up book The Lovemark Effect as shown above
Thank goodness someone out there understands....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We are all in this together....

Ebony Bizys is a Tokyo based freelance graphic (print and book) designer. She also runs a blog called Hello Sandwich. She is safely back in Sydney for now. Buy her PDF Gift Wrapping Zine from Hello Sandwich to help Japan here!

Or go to Red Cross to donate to help people in great need.....

It's Friday!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a bit of LMFF on the side

Today you should be hanging with these guys

Jefferson Hack - Editorial Director The Dazed Group

Mikael Schiller - CEO of ACNE Studios

If you go to the LMFF Seminar, BRAND: THE ESSENCE OF BUSINESS, say hi to them for me ok..

As for the show my favourite photos are always the backstage ones - go here to see the photos of the week so far by Lucas Dawson and Backstage Fix. The blog is definitely worth a peruse too x

Song for the Mute | Milieu, Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection from Song for the Mute on Vimeo.

The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch.....Ap

Sometimes the Facebook news feed exposes you to things that you would rather not know... While trying to recover from the initial shock of one such event and supress the following destructive curiosity that inevitably comes, I found just the distraction I needed. Thankyou Emma Magenta!
It was released in July but it's mine now... from itunes

A digital solution to a digital problem... and I think a real cup of tea will sort out the rest...

   because I am not an oak tree....

Monday, March 14, 2011

INTO: Becky Blair

Where to start an interview......
The first song that comes into your
"Summertime - Porgy and Bess". I sing it to my daughter Eva a lot (and quite badly unfortunately) but, I love it - my dad used to sing it to me as a kid.

Tell me a bit about Standing on Tiptoe.....
It's about nostalgia, rediscovering hidden away childhood treasure, re-experiencing childhood through your children. It’s a very personal collection of work, that I am still understanding myself.

How long have you been painting?
Since I was a kid but, I suppose as a profession, for about 16 years.

What brought you to begin and continue exhibiting in Australia?
Travel and friends were the initial pull to Australia, but my love of the beaches, weather and lifestyle kept me returning. Then it was my very good friend Cat with her incredible drive, that put the wheels in motion for my first exhibition in Perth at the Gadfly Gallery.

What do you enjoy about exhibiting in Australia and how is it different to exhibiting in the UK?
For me, my solo shows in Australia provide a very focused and finite goal which make me work in an intense way. This creates a strong body of work, I get the chance to tell a story through 40 or more canvases. Being in a totally different environment, where the light, colour, texture and heat all effect how I paint. It gives me a completely fresh outlook, its very exciting and inspiring.

3 things you love about living in Brighton
My house, my friends and being able to walk everywhere!

How did you make art your livelihood?
It doesn’t happen overnight so, for me it was a case of painting because I love it and then more and more opportunities came up with buyers and exhibiting, until I thought wow, this can be my job.

Is it hard to stay motivated?
No, because even when it is hard work and you're in a rut it's like an itch you have to scratch so you just keep pushing through, and when its all working well it’s the best feeling in the world - you don’t want to stop...

What is your favourite thing about your creative process?
When it all slots into place and I start dancing round the studio.

Which other artists/creatives inspire you at the moment?
Olaf Hadjek is amazing, Tom Hammick and always Peter Doig.

3 goals for 2011?
Having a solo show with Ingo Fincke in London, and having fun and dancing more.

dream project?
Doing a range of textiles, and someone animating my paintings.

what are you looking forward to? 
Summer in England, I’m hopelessly hopeful.

18th March - 3rd April 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

We will be here....

Oh my homeland I will celebrate thee!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where music meets Sydney

MART Gallery has a new website
Suddenly having my coffee drop off the order pad at unmentioned cafe seems ok!

and is now showing MaricorMaricar

until 14th March.... on your bike then!
(oh and Architecture in Helsinki have always rocked!) x

Uh O!

Oh my.... Olek..... here

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ty Williams

cool t here

cool art here

ty williams here


I love coming across an issue one on magazine buying excursions. My new issue one is TREADLIE!
I have been using my trusty old bike a lot lately... mostly to ride into town or up the coast a bit to a studio I regularly work with. My bike is not that fancy or at all 'cool'.....

My blue Malvern Star with glitter hand grips.....

Joe built himself a fixed wheel with an old Ricardo frame - it's pretty 'cool'

Anyway back to TREADLIE - the new bicycle lovers magazine (not so much for the lycra brigade)

Great article written by Tim Rogers about his bike love...

Anyhoooo issue 2 is out tomorrow and there is an article in it about my much pondered bike of choice which I am saving up for (and flying to Sydney to purchase as they are unable to ship here to the West Coast) Tokyo Bike!!!

 I love this bike and I have a plan to customise that involves powder coated hardware from here!

So go get issue 2 of TREADLIE and here's a bit of Tim Rogers in the meantime x

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

husmann / tschaeni

In love.... and respectfully images are from here

Desktop Magazine Relaunch

Desktop Magazine has relaunched! For me it has been a wonderful inspiring success as I rarely purchased it previously. I knew something was up with the great cover by Mark Gowing

I found this image of Moleskine's Limited Edition Collection of The Little Prince Notebooks here it x

Sculpture by the Sea

Early morning cycle to Cottesloe beach....

3 - 22nd March, Cottesloe Beach WA

An MT moment in my day...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mariam and Andreas

Sometimes you need the world to turn you on your head to get feeling back into your bones...

I have always been moved by displays of human camaraderie (choir, flash mob, protest rally..) born from a passion to create anything... Being a solo freelancer in the design industry dealing with smaller clients and impossible deadlines and the 'bread and butter' nature of your work can sometimes bog you down in mediocrity and leave motivation ebbing lower and lower......
Allow yourself to be immersed wherever possible in a vision - uncompromisingly clear, beautiful and free..
There is something to be said for a seated live music event at Becks Music Box - the audience is given permission to focus completely - Wildbirds and Peace Drums (March 3 2011 - Becks Music Box)
- I couldn't hold back the tears
Read local review here