Monday, March 7, 2011

Mariam and Andreas

Sometimes you need the world to turn you on your head to get feeling back into your bones...

I have always been moved by displays of human camaraderie (choir, flash mob, protest rally..) born from a passion to create anything... Being a solo freelancer in the design industry dealing with smaller clients and impossible deadlines and the 'bread and butter' nature of your work can sometimes bog you down in mediocrity and leave motivation ebbing lower and lower......
Allow yourself to be immersed wherever possible in a vision - uncompromisingly clear, beautiful and free..
There is something to be said for a seated live music event at Becks Music Box - the audience is given permission to focus completely - Wildbirds and Peace Drums (March 3 2011 - Becks Music Box)
- I couldn't hold back the tears
Read local review here


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