Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I love coming across an issue one on magazine buying excursions. My new issue one is TREADLIE!
I have been using my trusty old bike a lot lately... mostly to ride into town or up the coast a bit to a studio I regularly work with. My bike is not that fancy or at all 'cool'.....

My blue Malvern Star with glitter hand grips.....

Joe built himself a fixed wheel with an old Ricardo frame - it's pretty 'cool'

Anyway back to TREADLIE - the new bicycle lovers magazine (not so much for the lycra brigade)

Great article written by Tim Rogers about his bike love...

Anyhoooo issue 2 is out tomorrow and there is an article in it about my much pondered bike of choice which I am saving up for (and flying to Sydney to purchase as they are unable to ship here to the West Coast) Tokyo Bike!!!

 I love this bike and I have a plan to customise that involves powder coated hardware from here!

So go get issue 2 of TREADLIE and here's a bit of Tim Rogers in the meantime x


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