Monday, March 14, 2011

INTO: Becky Blair

Where to start an interview......
The first song that comes into your
"Summertime - Porgy and Bess". I sing it to my daughter Eva a lot (and quite badly unfortunately) but, I love it - my dad used to sing it to me as a kid.

Tell me a bit about Standing on Tiptoe.....
It's about nostalgia, rediscovering hidden away childhood treasure, re-experiencing childhood through your children. It’s a very personal collection of work, that I am still understanding myself.

How long have you been painting?
Since I was a kid but, I suppose as a profession, for about 16 years.

What brought you to begin and continue exhibiting in Australia?
Travel and friends were the initial pull to Australia, but my love of the beaches, weather and lifestyle kept me returning. Then it was my very good friend Cat with her incredible drive, that put the wheels in motion for my first exhibition in Perth at the Gadfly Gallery.

What do you enjoy about exhibiting in Australia and how is it different to exhibiting in the UK?
For me, my solo shows in Australia provide a very focused and finite goal which make me work in an intense way. This creates a strong body of work, I get the chance to tell a story through 40 or more canvases. Being in a totally different environment, where the light, colour, texture and heat all effect how I paint. It gives me a completely fresh outlook, its very exciting and inspiring.

3 things you love about living in Brighton
My house, my friends and being able to walk everywhere!

How did you make art your livelihood?
It doesn’t happen overnight so, for me it was a case of painting because I love it and then more and more opportunities came up with buyers and exhibiting, until I thought wow, this can be my job.

Is it hard to stay motivated?
No, because even when it is hard work and you're in a rut it's like an itch you have to scratch so you just keep pushing through, and when its all working well it’s the best feeling in the world - you don’t want to stop...

What is your favourite thing about your creative process?
When it all slots into place and I start dancing round the studio.

Which other artists/creatives inspire you at the moment?
Olaf Hadjek is amazing, Tom Hammick and always Peter Doig.

3 goals for 2011?
Having a solo show with Ingo Fincke in London, and having fun and dancing more.

dream project?
Doing a range of textiles, and someone animating my paintings.

what are you looking forward to? 
Summer in England, I’m hopelessly hopeful.

18th March - 3rd April 2011


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