Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pick me up, up, up.........!

I really needed a bit of fun today as the dreary winter weather kicks on....Alas, I have so much work on I can barely stop to post. I decided I would just add a few happy photos to brighten the day and spark up my hopes and dreams - What more can I say! The beetle, the fairy floss, the braces............ and I love this table number idea. Check out OnceWed for some beautiful wedding inspiration.

I am fairly obsessed with all things swedish at the moment, and am looking forward to going to Stockholm in the (hopefully) not too distant future.... While perusing properties I would like to buy there if I relocated I stumbled upon this little gem of an idea - I am not sure what this little potbelly type structure is made from however I will find a way to include something similar in my life!

........ and found this lovely photo from studio choo.
As well as loving the concept of this duos business and sweet website I really love the free feeling of their florals - I love big, colourful, loose  bunches of flowers and cows x

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