Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tie Me Up Friday!

Well here is a bit more of George Frizzle and a few progress pics..
In order of apperance: Joe's old wooden tool box has become my "craft" kit, Bow Ties ready for pressing, the leftover paper from making bunting (so pretty but I wonder what I can use it for...maybe some kind of 80's electro collage?), Les Bow Ties avec mannequin, and lastly I rushed to get a few plates painted with GOLD for Betty to take for firing in the kiln...(this particularly effortless effort will not be advancing to the firing stage! )

Well, my guests Becky Ben and Eva (le bébe) arrive tomorrow from England so I will be working deep into the night trying to relieve my schedule so I can make some time to play - Salut!

It's all coming along.....!


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