Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar 2010 & George Frizzle..and HOME OPEN!

Firstly a little theme music:

She & Him - Thieves from Merge Records on Vimeo.

So it was very hectic for Betty and I to get George Frizzle to the Bazaar and now I am still catching up on the past three months of no sleep! The Fremantle Arts Centre staff were absolutely amazing in their attitude and support for the stall holders -thankyou! All the stall holders them selves were also very friendly and supportive of one another.  

Apart from Betty and I making all our products I have to say a big thankyou to Kathleen from Strumalum Screen Printing for guiding us through the screen printing process and doing a beautiful job printing what we ran out of time to do! Anyone out there wanting to learn screen printing or needing a small printing run done for you check out Strumalum! Also a big thankyou to Tom Freeman for bringing our dream cart to life!

I met lots of new people, made some new friends and dreamed about owning some of the beautiful outfits that came floating by on shoppers passing by the George Frizzle cart. The above photos are mostly of the Friday night which had a special buzz.. if you look carefully I am theatrically describing to a lovely customer how to tie his bowtie easily!

Next are a couple of photos relating to my favourite other stalls:

I bought something very nice from Christobel's stall. Really I could have bought all of her work. 
This photo comes from Christobel's blog.

Look how cute and slightly strange this little rabbit man is! This was made by ceramicist Fleur Schell from Soda Studios in North Fremantle - I bought some other little things too but they are presents so can't show yet! I seem to be having issues trying to find exact links to Soda and Fleur Schell so here are the contact details: Soda Studios 1/98 Stirling Highway North Fremantle WA Phone: 08 9433 4833 Email: and here is a link to view some more about Fleur.

Jade from Paper Threads makes her own paper and paper products, books and beautiful textile bags with delicate embellishments. I didn't get back to her stall to buy anything but I did get her business card with her details so I will try and get some photos and maybe buy something.... for me!

PS. Don't miss out on the HOME OPEN Exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre! My friend Tanya Schultz is part of it - she is also one half of Pip and Pop with Nicole Andrijevic! The image below is from their site Pip and Pop! I am in mad crazy love with their work....mad and crazy...!


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