Monday, January 17, 2011

Free Tattoos - Miso and Ghost Patrol

Well we missed out on this one living on the West coast but my sister and her boyfriend managed to get there - living in Melbourne and all - featuring a bit in this video getting a super cute free tattoo illustrated by Ghost Patrol..... I hate pain but am pretty jealous after seeing the results at Christmas time...
 - look for the blonde scarved couple looking on anxiously.... before bravely diving into the paper cathedral of permanent cuteness pain!!!

To keep up with Ghost Patrol or perhaps purchase his artwork go to


  1. I really hope my parents don't find this post hahaha

  2. oh, how i love ghostpatrol. super jealous.

  3. ooh! are those pictures on CJ's blog what the tats are of?! i'm assuming yes, in which case - i'm even more jealous. matching tattoos without having matching tattoos - love. it. swoon.